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Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Project | 01
Text to Virtual Reality (Open-sourced)
This project "VR Storytellers"  was built at the World's largest VR-AR Hackathon - Virtually Reality Hackathon at the MIT Media Lab. The interface convert text (stories) in real time to Virtual Reality Experience (mapping keywords and its descriptions to objects in unity) coupled with a Background score based on the mood of the story.
MIT Media Lab Best Up & Coming Hacker Award & Most Refined Mobile VR Experience Award
c. GitHub Link -
Project | 02
Winners, Theme: Social Solutions to Climate Change, Games for Our Future Game Jam 2019, University of Washington EarthLab, Seattle Indies, Seattle Serious and Social Impact Games and Pacific Science Center

a. Built a Virtual Reality experience for Oculus Go in which one can explore a world in the future that is truly sustainable.

b. Also rendered voice to the game character.
c. Links -

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