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Cloud and Web/App dev

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Founder and CEO
Dec 2020-Present

Nabanita De Foundation (formerly is a non-profit initiative, helping caregivers return to workforce after career gap in 93 countries, through free course, forum, podcast and members page. 

* Singlehandedly built the website and all its content components & led this entire effort.

* First year Impact - 

*References -


* Forbes Brand Contributor (Free Forbes EQ Content Marketing Partnership worth a million dollars ( - Wrote 20 Forbes articles - 407,000 reads, 14387 search referrals, 178652 social impressions.

Represented this non-profit initiative on platforms like Unicef, United Nations, PowerTofly, Globant, Princeton University, University of Maryland college Park, Buffalo Startup Week, Geneva Foundation, Seattle Entrepreneurship Club and more -

Awards :
a. Won 1st Prize, App time Show! 5 Min App pitches to win!
b. Recognition from From The Experts' Mouth Magazine for our written article hitting 80+ countries.
b. Nominated for
i. WomenTech Network Upskill and Reskill Program of the Year 2021 Finalists
ii. Global Beauty Awards Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 Finalists
iii. 2021 Champion Award
iii. Tällberg Foundation-SNF-Eliasson Global Leadership Prize

April 2021-Present

Streamlining Covid-19 resources for India in One place. Incorporates a forum.

* Singlehandedly built the website.

* Reached 35 countries.

Security Engineer
Seattle, Washington
April 2020-Present

Working on Intersection of Software Engineering, Security and Data Science/Engineering for Uber App by leveraging Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure Security tools.
* Led Company wide Data classification and ownership effort (built continuous monitoring tools, automatic verification checkers, dashboards and coordinated with Engineering teams, Legal, PM, Data Teams across all orgs at Uber and its M&A  and reduced attack surface by 29%, unused usage by 74%. Was successful in making exabytes of data cloud resources compliant and saved over 8.8 Million dollars per year.
* Leveraged Natural Language Processing to build an internal chatbot to remediate Security queries.
* Built an end-to-end Machine learning and Natural Language Processing in-house cloud platform independent system for Uber and its M&A subsidiaries (APIs, Continuous Monitoring Backend system and front end - standalone website and ticketing interface), detecting sensitive PII information for Uber Cloud Platforms, leading to 100x cost savings.
* Built end-to-end Database pipelines (Firestore, Gsuite, DynamoDB) and Dashboards for Cloud Security & Privacy Engineering.
* Achieved milestone of 0 active high/critical cloud vulnerabilities. Helped in resolving over 35,000+ cloud vulnerabilities & ensuring complete monitoring coverage.

* Uber Products, whose ideas I contributed to include Uber Connect (, Uber Grocery Delivery ( and Uber Book By the Hour (

* Threat Response & Defense - Rockstar Leadership Award'20
* Engineering Security - Make Security Better Award'21
* Trust & Security - Customer Obsession Award'21
* Winner, Uber Threat Response & Defense Hackathon 2020
* Engineering Security Value Awards - Go get it awards, 2022

Software Engineer
Redmond, Washington

​July 2017 - Dec 2019


  • Built a snake game for the Windows Updating blue boot screen to promote User engagement and distraction for Updates which take a long time. Shipped in next iteration of Windows (2019) 

  • Presented it in the Company Science Fair and pitched it to Senior Leadership to be shipped.

Cloud and AI Data Intelligence Team - Data Engineering and Analysis

   Cloud Data Science and ML

  • Worked closely with the Dev team to identify important features and conducted several ML experimentations. Implemented and integrated Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning end-to-end ML models for various projects and identified significant features contributing to ML predictions to provide insights on product behavior, forecast, customer uptake and cause of errors.

  • Conducted Data Studies and used statistical measures to devise effective ways to sample yet correctly represent terrabytes of data for effective data analysis, reducing processing time by 90%

  • Intern Mentor for Machine Learning and Data Science Projects

  • Tools: Azure Machine Learning, Jupyter Notebooks, Python, C#, Augur, TLC, Scikit-Lean, Pyspark, Cosmos, ScopeML, Scope, Datalake, R

 Cloud Data Engineering & Analysis

  • Collaborated with cross-functional Development and Program Management teams to garner requirements and feature brainstorming and worked on data migration (on-premise to Cloud), automation of big data pipelines, collection, aggregation, processing, GDPR tagging, maintaining, analyzing and data visualization of terrabytes of active telemetry data streams to provide platform insights for making data driven product decisions and debugging product error causes for 500 Million+ users for Windows.

  • Enabled Data team to intuitively measure Windows product health, progress, success and insights through identifying, creating, onboarding and monitoring meaningful and impactful 250+ measures, dashboards and automated reports, sent to Senior Leadership daily and brought down metadata authoring issues by 21% 

  • Tools: Spark, Jupyter Notebooks, Cosmos, Scope, SQL, Excel, Databricks, SQL Server, SSMS, Xflow, PowerBi, SSRS, Visual Studio, Mission Control, C#, Xml, Python, R, Kusto, Xflow, Scala



​2016 - present

  1. Led a team to build a Fake news detecting Chrome extension "Project Fib", Google Moonshot Prize winner at HackPrinceton 2016 Featured on Business Insider, Washington Post, The Next Web, Mashable, Huffington Post, Microsoft Blog, Wired, Hacker News, Fortune, CNN, BBC, CBS, CBC News, Bloomberg TV, Boston Globe etc 

  2. Built the Fake news Algorithm and the Company website.

  3. Invited to "Forbes 30 Under 30 Conference" 2017 for the work 50K User Requests per min, 650 stars on Github and 20K Dev views on Github page on 1st week

  4. Won Grinspoon Entrepreneurial Concept Award 2017

  5. Link -

Microsoft Student Partner
Dubai & Massachusetts



Software Engineering Intern


Redmond, Washington

June 2016 - September 2016

  • Drove automation of data collection & transformation pipeline from various on-premise telemetry streams to Cloud, on the Windows Servicing & Delivery Data Analytics team, for future iterations of Windows Updates predictive models 

  • Built an Universal app "Pedestrian Go" for notifying distracted Pedestrians to look up, while crossing the street. Integrated OpenMaps to capture the exact coordinates to detect crosswalks and streetwalks and further implemented Crosswalks, streetwalks and approaching cars through Image recognition from phone Camera.


Software Engineering Intern,

Paramount – Dubai, UAE

Feb 2015 - July 2015

  • Built a virtual IT technology test lab for the company, by installing and virtualizing various OS & configuring networks in the Data Center using Juniper SSL VPN, No-IP and VSphere ESXI 

CEM Business Solutions

​IT Intern

June 2013 - August 2013


  • Designed and developed the Company's Cloud Services branch website.

IEEEXtreme Coding Challenge 2014 - Secured Country rank - 8 

Domain Specific Experience
Relevant Courses
UMass Amherst
Masters of Science, Computer Science

​2015 - 2017

  • Distributed Operating Systems

  • Systems for Data Science



BITS Pilani Dubai Campus, 
Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science 

​2011 - 2015

  • Software Engineering

  • Cloud Computing

  • Data structures & Algo

  • Database Systems

  • Object Oriented Programming (Java)

  • Parallel Computing

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