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Interesting Facts About Me

1. I have lived, studied and worked in 3 continents for more than 2 months each! Places are India, Dubai, Cairo, Massachusetts and Seattle!

2. I have travelled to multiple countries in 4 continents!

3. I grew up in more than 10 states in India and changed my school (prior undergrad) 6 times due to my family moving!

4. I joined undergrad when I was 16 and joined school at the Age of 2 and have always been the youngest in every class! A school apparently didnt want to admit me to 1st Grade at Age 4 since I was 2 years younger than everyone in my class but I aced the entrance with Rank 1st!

5. I have a 4 year diploma in Indian Classical Music and have 5 musical instruments at home. 

6. I have a list of poetry I have written, which I hope to publish. (Update: Sent it to a competition and semi-finalist on a national level poetry competition).

7. I was the first generation student from my entire lineage and family to study Computer Science.

8. I was the first student from my community to come abroad to get both Bachelors and Masters!

9. The Longest I have lived anywhere is 5 years!

10. I can read and write 3 languages at full proficiency, however I can speak several languages in broken words.

11. I had won state level scholarship in Mathematics talent search examination twice!

12. I can make pretty accurate sketches of people.

13. I was the first female technical member to get into prestigious Team IFOR, the team who built UAE's first autonomous flying object.

14. I am the first and only female entrepreneur to win the BITSAA  Mantra Entrepreneur of the year Award in all campuses combined, till date.

15. I can zone out and still have written excellent notes or be able to code.

16. I have lived in 40 degrees fahrenheit and 130 degrees fahrenheit.

17. I have stamped off all pages of my first passport.

18. I have won 7 Gold medals in Chess, back in my university.

19. I have played over 100 video games as a Kid!

20. I have travelled to over 20 cities alone!

21. I studied for my GRE in 3 days!

22. I did my schooling, undergrad and grad school in 3 different countries - India, UAE and USA.

23. I received full tuition waiver back in my high school for fully funded coaching for Competitive Exams in India.

24. I attempted the Architecture Entrance exams in India and was in top 95% Percentile.

25. According to my mom, my first alphabets was written by me with matchsticks which I was found at my house, while my mom was away at Age 1.

26. I am sponsoring my sister's education through Med School solely and my family from when I was 22.

27. I had a full tuition waiver for first year at Grad School at Umass without needing to do RA or TA.

28. Several renowned companies tried to buy FiB but i turned them down.

29. I have gone to a ton of conferences in the recent past to represent FiB. Pictures below.

... Thinking on more! Will update here...

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