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Education and Healthcare

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1.Winners, Hack for Healthcare 2016, University of Washington and Microsoft - Won 125000$ Azure Credits, Poddlebop

2. NCWIT AspireIT Program Grant of 2000$ for SheHacks, May 2017

3. 2015-2016 UMASS Amherst International Student Tuition Waiver award.

Managing Director, CV Chamkao

​(September 2014 - December 2014)

My career counselling service startup through the New Venture Creation Course, focusing on 4 years of counselling service to students on opportunities to be taken to build that stellar Resume, pertaining to each Student's future plans. ( Link - ). This Startup is based on the idea of my Education Research paper, published in INTED'14.

Masters Representative,
Computer Science Department
UMass Amherst

• Served as the voice of Masters Students to the Computer Science department at UMass Amherst
• Served on the board of Dean and Faculty Hiring Committee at UMass Amherst Computer Science Department. Hired our current CS Dean.
• Involved in various faculty meetings to suggest changes to the Organization and CS Program at UMass.

Program Manager, SheHacks,

UMass Amherst


Served as a partner - Program Manager for writing this grant on behalf of UMass Amherst non-profit board, to craft a summer training program for teaching girls at a local high school at Amherst, how to code. The grant money is $2000.

Grader, Logic in Computer Science,

UMass Amherst

Sept 2015 - Dec 2015

Served as the Teaching Assistant for the Course "Logic in Computer Science" at UMass Amherst

Professional Teaching Assistant, Object Oriented Programming Lab,

BITS Pilani

Taught a class of 50, code java on Linux Environment


Class Committee Member, BITS Pilani Dubai Campus 

Providing Changes in the curriculam of Computer Science department and feedback on the course material for better suited courses for the University.

Teaching Assistant,

Microsoft TEALSK12


Teaching Quincy High school students AP Computer Science through remote sessions.


1. Poddlebop - Connecting Mental Health Patients to Providers  

At University of Washington - Hack for Healthcare, built a Mental Health Monitoring App, which leverages natural language processing and Computer Vision to track a patient's recovery through Quantatitive and Qualitative measures.
User is asked self-assessment questions for Journal entry which is analyzed for keywords, word count, tone and writing style and data is also collected from a quick yes/no survey based on the PHQ-9 and HCL-32 peer reviewed assessment questionnaires.
This data is combined to create a metric on a scale from 0 (depressive) to 10 (manic) in order to help manage bipolar symptoms and determine treatment directives.
Won 1,25,000$ Azure Credits.
Link -
2. Implementation of Clustering techniques on Diabetic Retinopathy - Implemented and Compared performance (using cluster sum of square errors) of Clustering Algorithms – K Means, Fuzzy C Means and Hierarchical Clustering in clustering Diabetic Retinopathy dataset, using Matlab
3. Aiding Distracted Pedestrians - SafePedestrianGo
A mobile app to alert users to look up while crossing the street. Utilizes the rear camera to generate Computer Vision and object detection models to identify crosswalks vs streetwalks while the user is texting and utilizes the rear camera to identify if a car is approaching, and how far the car is, while the user is on a call. Built at Oneweek Hackathon 2016.
4. Paper – “A NOVEL APPROACH TOWARDS DEVELOPMENT OF A CAREER MENTORSHIP SOLUTION THROUGH ACTIVE ALUMNI-STUDENT INTERACTION AND COLLABORATION” published at INTED'14 (8th International Technology, Education and Development Conference), Valencia, Spain. (
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