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1. Rockstar Award for Leadership, Uber Threat Response and Defense Team, 2020
2. Uber Engineering Security Make Security Better Award 2021
3. Uber Trust and Security Award - Customer Obsession 2021
4. Winner, Uber Threat Detection and Response Hackathon 2020
5. Facebook Security Travel Scholarship 2016

6. Women in Cyber Security (WiCyS) Scholarship for Women in Cyber Security Conference 2015 
7. Women in Cyber Security (WiCyS) Scholarship for Women in Cyber Security Conference 2015  2016.
8. Google Moonshot Award 2016, Project FiB
9. Grinspoon Entrepreneurial Concept Award, 2017, Project FiB

1. Security Engineering on Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Amazon.

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Security Software Engineer,
Seattle, WA
2020 - Present
Threat Defense and Response team. Working on Intersection of Software Engineering, Security and Data Science/Engineering for Uber App by leveraging Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure Security tools.
Led Company wide Data classification efforts and reduced attack surface by 29%, unused usage by 74%. Was successful in making 1500 cloud resources compliant and saved over 8.8 Million dollars per year for Uber in last 3 months.
Working on leveraging Machine learning to detect sensitive information for Uber.
Network Security Intern,
Dubai UAE

Feb 2015 - July 2015​


  • Built a virtual IT technology test lab for the company, by installing and virtualizing various OS like Windows and Linux & configuring networks in the Data Center using Juniper SSL VPN, No-IP and VSphere ESXI

  • Learnt details on IP routing, OSI Layers, Pentest, Network Switching, basics of Internet routing and basic Network and Security Protocols

  • Implemented Linux based command-line protocols for Network Security.

  • Implemented Spam-Ham Filter Classifier on Azure Machine Learning with 92% accuracy. Spam-ham dataset consisted of retrieved spam/ham emails from my Gmail & Yahoo accounts with focus on features like time/day, sender info, attachment info as well as mail content

  • Worked cross-functionally with Finance Department on generating LPOs & reports for Security products , with pre-sales team on designing product bundles recommender systems for Paramount's security offerings, with Sales Team on product cold-calling, understanding Customer's Security IT infrastructure and how Paramount's Security services would fit in, with post-sales team on Customer Engagement Research - driving Business Decisions.

  • Exhibited at GISEC, the largest Cybersecurity show in UAE, as well as on Onapsis SAP Security event on behalf of Paramount​.


Project FiB

November 2016 - Present

  • Led a team to build a Fake news detecting Chrome extension "Project Fib", Google Moonshot Prize winner at HackPrinceton 2016

  • Built a trust scoring mechanism for sites leveraging various security metrics like how long the site was active, what is active malware, phishing links content  presence probability scores etc.

  • Featured on Business Insider, Washington Post, The Next Web, Mashable, Huffington Post, Microsoft Blog, Wired, Hacker News, Fortune, CNN, BBC, CBS, CBC News, Bloomberg TV, Boston Globe etc -

  • Invited to "Forbes 30 Under 30 Conference" 2017 for the work 50K User Requests per min, 650 stars on Github and 20K Dev views on Github page on 1st week

  • Won Grinspoon Entrepreneurial Concept Award 2017 


Software Engineer, Microsoft
Redmond, Washington

July 2017 - Dec 2019​


  • Worked on adding security protocols to Database servers and reports for Azure, managed by my Data Team.



Relevant Projects

1. Development of a Student projects portal using Homomorphic Encryption for Cloud Security - Used Oracle Database server to save student records. Client side involved Homomorphic encryption and decryption of project marks through algo - Paillier cryptosystems. 

2. ID-FREE - Combines Biometric Virtual ID Auth for users and marketplace for Business - 

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Masters of Science, Computer Science



​Relevant Coursework:

1. Cybersecurity Faculty Lecture Series Seminar

2. Distributed Operating Systems



BITS Pilani Dubai Campus
Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science



Relevant Coursework

1. Computer Networks

2. Operating Systems

3. Cloud Computing

4. Parallel Computing

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