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Diversity and Inclusion

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Female in
Tech Awards

1. Facebook Travel Scholarship for Women in Cybersecurity Conference 2016.

2. Women in Cyber Security Scholarship for Women in Cyber Security Conference 2015, 2016.

3. Microsoft Grace Hopper Scholarship 2016

4. Anita Borg Grace Hopper Scholarship 2015

5. Women in Machine Learning 2015 for poster accepted to Women in Machine Learning Conference co-organized with NiPS 2015.

6. NCWIT Aspire Grant 2017

7. Harvard Women Engineers Code (WECode) Student Scholar 2017, 2016 

Breaking Stereotypes

1. Was the first female technical team member to be hired for Team IFOR (IFOR - Intelligent Flying Object for Reconnaissance) -

2. Was the first and only female entrepreneur till date to win the prestigious  BITSAA Mantra Entrepreneur of the year Award 2014, for excellence in the field of Entrepreneurship and writing Business Plans in all campuses combined for BITS Pilani. -

3. At FiB, We have a Gender ratio of 1:1.


Social Media Chair
CS Women's Group, UMass Amherst




  • Mentoring Incoming Computer Science grad students through the WW2A Mentoring Program.

  • Promoting Diversity and Inclusion online for UMass CS Womens Group

  • Worked on finding and promoting opportunities for the community.



Masters Representative and Graduate Student Senator
UMass Amherst



Formed the voice of the Graduate Students including students from underrepresented groups, minorities and women, to make department level decisions and suggest changes to UMass as a body.​



Program Manager, SheHacks, UMass Amherst



  • Served as a partner - Program Manager for writing this grant on behalf of UMass Amherst non-profit board, to craft a summer training program for teaching girls at a local high school at Amherst, how to code. The grant money is $2000.

  • Received the NCWIT AspireIT Program Grant for SheHacks.

#include Fellowship Mentor, SheHacks, Stanford University


Mentored female computer science students through online skype sessions on Career in tech and possible research opportunities

Software Engineer, Microsoft

2017 - 2019

  • Volunteered at the Microsoft Grace Hopper Recruiting booth and events (Coddess) to hire more female engineers, the Technology Showcase booth (Showcasing Hololens and Xbox).

  • Volunteered at the International Womens Day 2018

  • Deeply involved with Diversity and Inclusion org for Women in Windows Servicing and Delivery (WSD),

  • Gave talks at Womens Connected Group

  • Taught classes how to code for Digi girls, Girls who code and TEALS

  • Signed up Coffee Chats at Microsoft for mentoring interns. Also served as a Intern Social Coordinator to mentor interns on Career and life at Microsoft and how to feel more inclusive. 

  • Pushed the Grace Hopper Initiative in my org at Microsoft for Women in my org to be supported to go to Grace Hopper 2018.


Microsoft Student Partner, Microsoft

1. Organized Hack20, UMass's Data Science Hackathon. Introduced, judged and gave out a first female hacker prize category for the Hackathon to encourage more female engineers to take part at Hackathons. 

2. Organized a Pre-Grace Hopper Socials for Women Engineers at UMass.

3. Did Hour of Code - teaching Computer Science at Local schools.

Grace Hopper Artificial Intelligence Program Committee

Reviewed submissions for the Grace Hopper Conference 2020 for the Artificial Intelligence Committee.


1. Volunteered for WeCode 2016 at Harvard University. It is one of the largest conference for female computer science engineers in Massachusetts.

2. Volunteered for Women in STEM group at UMass Amherst to provide mentoring for freshmen and grad school applicants on Career guidance and research guidance.

Female Centric Initiatives
Help Her - Helping Acid Attack, Sexual absue & Domestic Violence Victims


  • Background: I created the project around the painpoint of targetting women in developing countries like India who arent necessarily equipped with education, resources or awareness of help available and go through vile crimes like Acid Attacks and domestic violence. It is basically an app which contains a chatbot which uses Artificial Intelligence to understand the case entered by the user and tries to understand its law implications and classifies the case into domestic violence, rape, acid attacks or none. Further it talks about laws pertaining to the particular crime and provides the user with the nearest law and enforcement places like Police Stations and Lawyers to report it. In the future iterations of the app, a platform for recruitement and training of these individuals to find jobs would be done.

  • This project received recognition in the form of Project Lawbot at Techcrunch Disrupt. We received the honor of Techcrunch Disrupt Qualifiers and free tickets to Techcrunch Disrupt NYC 2017.

  • Links : 

  • Demo:



Stop Human Trafficking

  • Worked for the NGO "Seattle Against Slavery" for their project disrupting Human Trafficking in Seattle. Built a Chatbot using Cortana Skills for information from the project website and further helped building their PowerBi Dashboards.
  • It won the first prize at Microsoft Hack for Good 2018.

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