Building Projects and Initiatives nobody has done before.


I pitched all of these ideas before we built it out and was responsible for doing Market Survey, hiring people for the projects, laying down the product roadmap, writing code and building the product and eventually evangelizing the products and doing Customer Validation !

Project FiB
Stop living a lie
Detects Fake news on the Internet​

  • Led a team to build a Fake news detecting Chrome extension "Project Fib"

  • Awards -

  • Google Moonshot Prize winner at HackPrinceton 2016

  • Grinspoon Entrepreneurial Concept Award 2017

  • Featured on Business Insider, Washington Post, The Next Web, Mashable, Huffington Post, Microsoft Blog, Wired, Hacker News, Fortune, CNN, BBC, CBS, CBC News, Bloomberg TV, Boston Globe and on 90% of news publications worldwide. 


  • Invited to "Forbes 30 Under 30 Conference" 2017 for the work

  • 50K User Requests per min, 650 stars on Github and 20K Dev views on Github page on 1st week

  • Won Grinspoon Entrepreneurial Concept Award 2017 

  • Why its a Moonshot? We were the first people to innovate in the field of media for being able to build a fully functional MVP to detect Fake News through AI and Machine Learning. I worked on building the Fake News detection Algorithm while my teammates worked on building the Chrome extension and integrating my Algorithm to the Chrome extension.

  • Our team talked to various company CEOs like CEO of Craiglist regarding collaborations and the response was immense. Today we are featured on several books, research papers, resource at top universities on how to detect Fake News. 

Text to VR 
Let your imagination come to life
This project "VR Storytellers"  was built at the World's largest VR-AR Hackathon - Virtually Reality Hackathon at the MIT Media Lab. The interface converts text (stories) in real time to Virtual Reality Experience (mapping keywords and its descriptions to objects in unity) coupled with a Background score based on the mood of the story.
c. GitHub Link -
  • Why its moonshot? Nobody else has built this yet. When I pitched the idea at the Hackathon, a mentor told me to discard it since its thesis level. Well, we built it in 24 hours and even got an invite to a Film Festival.
  • Awards
  • MIT Media Lab Up and Coming Hackers and Qualcomm's Most Refined Mobile VR Experience Award
Low cost Legal help and job opportunities for Acid Attacks, Sexual or domestic abuse victims through AI
  • Background: I created the project around the painpoint of targetting women in developing countries like India who arent necessarily equipped with education, resources or awareness of help available and go through vile crimes like Acid Attacks and domestic violence. It is basically an app which contains a chatbot which uses Artificial Intelligence to understand the case entered by the user and tries to understand its law implications and classifies the case into domestic violence, rape, acid attacks or none. Further it talks about laws pertaining to the particular crime and provides the user with the nearest law and enforcement places like Police Stations and Lawyers to report it. In the future iterations of the app, a platform for recruitement and training of these individuals to find jobs would be done.

  • This project received recognition in the form of Project Lawbot at Techcrunch Disrupt. We received the honor of Techcrunch Disrupt Qualifiers and free tickets to Techcrunch Disrupt NYC 2017.

  • Links : 

  • Demo: 


  • Why its Moonshot? There is no lowcost solution out there in the market to raise awareness for laws for such cases, neither are there any dedicated websites to help them rehabilitate and find jobs or opportunities.

Gamifying Update Screen
Building fans for Windows Update!
Built a shippable snake game for the Windows Updating blue boot screen to promote User engagement and distraction for Updates which take a long time. Impact: Shipped in next iteration.
  • Why its Moonshot? Updates screen for any software or operating generally takes some time to undergo. Its really frustrating for the user to look at a blank screen. Genius is to either utilize it to distract the user or to generate revenue through possible ads.
  • I pitched it at the Science fair and Senior Leadership for shipping!
Combines Biometric Virtual ID Auth for users and marketplace for Business
Empowers Businesses to use Biometrics like Face Recognition and Fingerprint Recognition to make validate age for people as 18+ to be used as a Virtual ID for Business Interactions in Food and Restaurant Industry.
  • Why its Moonshot? There is no concept of Virtual ID in United States functional. People are scared to give any company that sort of control. Our System is like Uber for ID check. We dont do ID checks, we outsource it to the companies or chains themselves who register on our platform. Once they verify ID, people are always getting older, never younger, so they will always be 18 and up. The Businesses can use this platform for ID checks saved as a virtual marketplace to offer services to their customers and receive analytics. Business pay, not consumers.
  • I walked around Capitol Hill Seattle, asking retail chains and restaurants, if they would adopt something like this and got amazing response.
Safe Pedestrian Go 
Play Pokemon Go without getting into any accidents
A mobile app to alert users to look up while crossing the street. Utilizes the rear camera to generate Computer Vision and object detection models to identify crosswalks vs streetwalks while the user is texting and utilizes the rear camera to identify if a car is approaching, and how far the car is, while the user is on a call. 
  • Why its Moonshot? This app was created during the Pokemon go hype when accidents were at the peak. It uses the combination of Open Street Maps and Image Captioning from the Camera of the phone for the most accurate detection of Crosswalks and sidewalks to show a pop-up and also notifies the user how far a car is away when the user is talking on the phone, when a popup is useless to prevent distracted pedestians from road accidents.
  • Apart from building the app and the algorithm, I also created a marketing video and pitched the idea to Senior Leadership and got great feedback.
Let your influencer style without no efforts.
Detects and identifies the type of clothing, details like Ruffles and Stripes and the color of the clothing from a picture to be captioned to integrate with the Seeing AI app to aid the Blind. The Dataset was built through results from search engines on every categories.
  • Why its Moonshot? This app can easily be integrated into apps who support disability support for the blind by image captioning! Now apart from just knowing that its a blouse or shirt, they can know things like its an animal print curve neck shirt or its a blue ruffled blouse, hence empowering them to use their fashion more style more easily. These can also be fed as features to a system, which can be used to understand your favorite influencer's instagram style and help you pick clothes based on it!
  • Impact: Pitched the product to the Seeing AI team and handoff the code.
Bluetooth Messenger
Message your friends on hike with no signal.
A mobile app which lets you share texts and media files in bluetooth range.
Missing MH370
All the information of the missing flight on your fingertips
A mobile app to report all information, search results, resources and connect people regarding the Missing Flight Malaysian Flight MH370. 
  • Why its Moonshot? This app was the only app in the market which catered to the victim families of MH370 to aid them at a one stop solution. 
Apartment hunting made easy
A platform which uses the crowdsourcing to get videos of taken by people of apartments while apartment hunting, so you dont have to physically visit every apartment while apartment. People can leave reviews on how much they like the place. This site can also be used for lease transfer to transfer lease with a much reasonable amount if incase the apartment occupant doesnt want to live there any longer, before the apartment is leased again at a much higher market price. Friends can also recommend friends for apartments.
  • Why its Moonshot? Apartment hunting is a hassle. While there are ton of options that exist like or Zillow, noone has options to leave videos of units they just viewed. There are no formal process for finding apartments cheaper than market price or friends to share their list of apartments which they formed while apartment hunting.
  • I worked on building this platform at Microsoft Oneweek Hackathon.
Aiding the Visually Impaired in the Kitchen
Detects if a food is spoiled or not from pictures of the food. Was built as a feature to integrate with the Microsoft Seeing AI App to aid the blind. Built at Microsoft Oneweek Hackathon 2017.
Can be used in agriculture AI scenarios.
  • Why its Moonshot? No image captioning APIs out there have this level of granularity. Thinking about how a visually impaired person operates, think about how they can operate independently in the Kitchen. Not having to touch a spoiled vegetable or food but knowing its spoiled and throwing it right away or detecting which one is spoiled, instead of throwing out the entire vegetable set, can be a major game changer.
Possible Integrations in the Future of this technology in other domains:
  1. AI for Agriculture - If trackers can detect which fruits or vegetables are spoiled,before automatically picking them.
  2. IoT Fridge - If Your Fridge can notify you that a particular item in your fridge is about to be spoiled or have started showing signs of being spoiled.
Leave those people behind in your life, the people through negative reinforcement.
Unfollows your exes for you, from all social media platforms. Moves all of their pictures on your phone to a locked folder for a period of time, you have set. Charges you money, every time you try to access that folder or contact that person. Negative Reinforcement helps you slow down your engagemnt with people who are meant to be left behind.
  • Why its Moonshot? 
Here the Business Model is Moonshot. The product makes money by charging people, every time they give into their addiction of wanting to go back. Through Human Psychology, negative reinforcement slows down the process and helps slowly get over the addiction. A person can delete the app anytime, however when they relogin, through the IMEI number, they would charged additional money if they re-download, thus helping people to not game the system.
IFOR(Intelligent Flying object for Reconaissance)
IFOR is UAE's first unmanned automated quadroter. I served as a Technical team member on the team - Worked on the GUI for automating functions of the quadrotor using Python, Pyside, Qt4 Designer and ROS & also on optimal Searching patterns(Exploration) for the Autonomous Quadrotor to pick up an object from a completely Unknown location within the least amount of time. This was done for International Aerobic Robotics Competition (IARC). I suggested a new path planning algorithm to optimize the time spent in spanning the room.
Why its Moonshot? 
IFOR was UAE's (Country level) first unmanned automated flying object with the capability of AI and path exploration back in 2011. It won categories at International Aerobic Robotics Competition (worldwide).
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