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Finance and Business 

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Founder & Chief Financial Officer, Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL), BITS Pilani Dubai Campus

​2012 - 2015


  • Have been the founders of CEL and Conjure, a CEL BITS Publication & served  in 2012. Organized more than 30 events including TEDx BPDC,The Indus Entrepreneur Talks, Business Quiz at Technofest'12, established fund raiser initiatives and was actively involved in planning events as well as in registration drive (registered more than 60 members out of 120, singehandedly). Been instrumental in MoU signing with Institute of Management Technology & Incubators.

  • Volunteered for SME World Summit. 

  • Received 500 Dirhams as Cash prize for Emirates NBD Bank Innovation Challenge. The Challenge was to come up with new business strategies and financial models, to boost their Business engagement with Customers.


​2011 - present


Worked cross-functionally with Finance Department on generating LPOs & reports , with pre-sales teamon designing product bundles recommender systems, with Sales Team on product cold-calling, with post-sales team on Customer Engagement Research - driving Business Decisions, with HR Department on generating & monitoring Employees Database, writing Job Descriptions & scheduling interviews & retrieving HBR & Mckinsey Data. Exhibited at GISEC event as well as on Onapsis SAP Security event on behalf of Paramount 



Graduate Student Senator, Finance Committee
UMass Amherst



Reviewed proposals and finance distributions and handled funds reevaluation & assignment for various on-campus organizations at UMass Amherst. 



2016 - present

1. Was responsible for the bootstrap funding for the servers and compute cost.

2. Wrote the Business Plan model and was also maintaining the marketing and outreach and have been fundraising through appearances at Conferences like Techcrunch Disrupt, YCombinator Female Founders Conference etc.

Software Engineer



1. As an Intern Social Coordinator, managed funding for organizing events for over 200 Grad Interns.

2. My work at Microsoft was doing Data Science, ETL Pipelines and Data Engineering to answer Business Questions and help make Business Predictions.

Relevant Education
BITS Pilani Dubai Campus



1. Principles of Management​

2.  New Venture Creation

University of Southern California


Courses:  Management of Cross Cultural Engineering Teams - Global Innovation Practices

Harvard Business School


HBx Core: Business Analytics, Financial Accounting and Economics for Managers.

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